Thirdpole Education Program

Although immensely rich in many aspects, Nepal has often been termed as a "poor" country lagging behind in its development processes. Evidently, this is mainly due to lack of opportunities to quality education which has resulted in unskilled and inefficient manpower that seem either unfit or else incompetent in contributing to the development process of this country.
In a country like Nepal, it is disheartening to see our kids being deprived even from the opportunity of basic education which is usually believed to enable them to be self reliant individuals on their own recourses.

Considering this reality, Adventure Thirdpole Treks has taken a small initiative under the theme of Thirdpole Education Program to providing basic schooling opportunities to those kids whose parents are found to be unable to afford their education. In this endeavor, we are supported by a few trusted friends and well wishers both at home and abroad. We are grateful to the help and assistance extended to us by them since the last years.
Here, we would particularly like to mention the generous contribution made to this cause by Alastair and Anna Seagroatt of Scotland, Ed and Susan Greatert of the USA, Blu and Judy Dworin of the USA and Sean O' Hare of Australia. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to them for their continuous support and interest in this endeavor.
Furthermore, while still assigning the role of coordinatior to itself, Adventure Thirdpole Treks has therefore decided to hand over the rest of the responsibility (operation and management) to a social organization called "Purna Laxmi Memorial Trust" which has devoted itself extensively in this field.

With the combine efforts of Thirdpole Education Program and Purna Laxmi Memorial Trust, we hope to be able to provide greater educational opportunities to the kids who are being deprived of such opportunities because of whatever reasons.


  1. Encourage and to facilitate the disadvantaged marginalized kids to join school.
  2. Provide free education to kids whose parents cannot afford it.
  3. Help the kids to become self reliant for further education after the successful completion of grade 10th.
  4. Encourage the kids to participate in the nation building process after the successful completion of their education.


  1. Contribute certain percentage of Adventure Thirdpole Trek's income to this program.
  2. Coordinate the entire Thirdpole Educational Program in an effective manner.
  3. Bear all the expenses incurred by Purna Laxmi Memorial Trust during the operation and management of this program.
  4. Raise funds necessary to execute the program.
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