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  • Hiunchuli stands tall at 6,441 meters, offering a challenging climb in Nepal's Annapurna region.
  • Summiting Hiunchuli rewards climbers with breathtaking vistas of surrounding peaks like Annapurna South and Machapuchare.
  • Trek to Base Camp passes through Gurung villages and Buddhist monasteries, offering insights into local culture.
  • The expedition traverses diverse landscapes, from lush forests to high-altitude glaciers.
  • Experienced guides ensure safety and provide expertise throughout the climb.
  • Conquering Hiunchuli represents a significant milestone for mountaineers, leaving lasting memories of a challenging ascent.

Hiunchuli is the fourth-highest peak among the many trekking peaks of Nepal and one of the least technically difficult to climb. Discovered and subsequently named by Col. Jimmy Roberts, Hiunchuli, along with Annapurna South, forms the massive south-facing wall visible on the trek north from Pokhara. There are several approaches to this summit, the most common being the South-East Face Route, which, while not technically difficult, is subject to rock falls and other hazards. The second is the North-West Face Route, which has been attempted by a small number of climbers and has not always been successful. The approach is from the Annapurna Base Camp in the Sanctuary. Two camps may be required to complete this lesser-known ascent.

South-east Face Route

The base camp route begins at Hinku Cave on the Annapurna Sanctuary trail. After establishing the first camp above the valley floor, two additional camps are established to reach the summit. Trekkers on this route risk becoming victims of rock falls and other hazards.

The North-West Face Route

This route commences from Pokhara Valley and gradually ascends to the Annapurna Base Camp, which is at 4300 meters. It is followed by a day set aside for acclimatization. Annapurna Base Camp is also called Hiunchuli Base Camp. This peak's ascent takes three to four days. Trekkers can then proceed to the Pokhara Valley.

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    Quick facts
    • Elevation:
      21,131 feet / 6,441meter
    • Location:
      Annapurna region
    • Latitude:
    • Longitude:
    • Best season for climbing:
      March – May and Sept - Nov
    • Year First Climbed:
    • First Climber (s):
      American Peace Corps Expedition under the leadership of Craig Anderson
    • Convenient Center (s):
    • Nearest Major Airport:
      Kathmandu (Minor Pokhara)
    • Itinerary Type:
      Fixed / Customized
    • Accommodations:
      Lodge / Camping
    • Trek grade:
      Moderate & Strenuous
    • Total days:
      18+4 = 22 days
    Strenuous : Strenuous
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