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Commonly known as the River of Gold which starts from the remote countryside, a challenging rafting class the Sun Kosi River rafting is one of the best rafting tours and longest river trip in Nepal.  The Sun Koshi offers the opportunity to see a special part the country that is rarely seen within Nepal. Dolalghat the starting point of rafting tour is three hours drive from Kathmandu and that ends at Chatra.  The volume of water increases in the Sun Koshi considerably as it combines with seven big tributaries to become a major river.  It offers fun class II-III rapids that allow time to learn rafting skills and teamwork needed for farther challenging rapids to come.  Then from the third day, the whitewater builds into great, thundering class III-IV+ rapids.  

Furthermore, the Sun Koshi rafting presents a varied and changing landscape from terraced farmland to steep gorges and then to sub-tropical jungles.  In each camping, we camp on a large, sandy river bank in close contact with village and people along with the rewarding experience of sights of wildlife.  The final part of the river may be the most dramatic – 10kms of nearly non-stop class IV rapids through Jungle, and climaxing with the dipper rapid.

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  • 1
    Arrive in Kathmandu

    Arrive in Kathmandu Airport and transfer to the Hotel and welcome dinner at the typical Nepalese restaurant in the evening.

  • 2
    Half days sightseeing

    Half days sightseeing in the capital city Kathmandu and briefing for your rafting trip in the evening

  • 3
    Drive to Dolalghat

    3hrs drive to Dolalghat; rafting starting point and short rafting camp in Tarang Gaon

  • 4
    Tarang Gaun to Dumja village rafting approx. 4 hours

    The gathered villagers shall cheer you as you drift away slowly gathering momentum, slowly leaving behind the Langtang ranges. Sunkoshi is considered as a Holy river by the Nepalese Hindus, the river flows into the Holy Ganges in India, soon we hit the very technical rapid called Khuei Bhai rapid, strewn with rooks and boulders, hence, considerable care is the need. Camp for the night near the Mahadev temple reputed to be the first Shiva temple in Nepal.

  • 5
    Dumja village to Khurkot rafting approx. 6 hours

    WET AND WILD…immediately we are hitting the rapids passing en route the fishing village of Kodaris’ and the Camera Bhir were you see hundreds of bats screaming and clinging to the walls of the cliffs, some good fun filled rapids takes up to Khunkot where we camp for the night.

  • 6
    Khurkot to Likhu Khola rafting approx. 5 hours

    Habitations dwindle, few poor Rai villages’ en route, exciting rapids in the afternoon with good photo prospects.

  • 7
    Likhu Khola to Harkapur village rafting approx. 6 hours

    Today, we pass through deep gorges punctuated with exciting rapids unfolding pleasant floats in the afternoon troops of Langur and Rhesus monkeys can be seen romping the riverbanks.

  • 8
    Harkapur village to Rai Ghat rafting approx. 6 hours

    Today is one of the most exciting and challenging days of the expedition encountering some very demanding rapids where you witness the skills of our guides, we pass through ‘Bridge rapids’ and ‘Krishna rapids’ stopping to carefully plan our strategy through the next rapids. Mr. Mangal Gurung was the first rafter to successfully take rafts in 1979 and he has the distinction of being the 1st Nepali to raft the Sunkoshi, it was a no mean success, hence, the rapid is named after him ‘MANGAL RAPID’. Floating past the confluence of the Dudh Koshi, we hit the last rapid for the day, ‘Roller Coaster’ a hair rising a rapid.

  • 9
    Rai Ghat to Bander Ghat rafting approx. 6 hours

    Hold tight, the ride is not over yet…as past, the point of Sap Su Khola is rapid with the greatest drop Huge ‘holes’, ‘eddies’ and churning ‘stopper waves’ demands teamwork and hard paddle.

  • 10
    Ghat to Bonjur Ghat rafting aprox. 6 hours

    We take to the rapids again, busy all morning earnestly thanking for the lunch break, emerging from the Mardheku gorge the river spreads wide, less agitated after its confinement between steep cliffs and gorges.

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    Quick facts
    • Possible operation:
      Round the year
    • Departure:
      Fix and on request
    • Total time in Nepal:
      14 days
    • Rafting Days:
      10 days
    • Just for summer:
      07 days
    • Entrance by:
      Drive 3 hours east to from Kathmandu
    • Put-in point/Put-out point:
    • River distance:
      270 kms.
    • Numbers of pax require:
      minimum 6 person
    • Possible optional trip to:
      Drive to Biratnagar and take a flight to Kathmandu or drive to Chitwan National Park or Koshi Tappu for an excellent safari or drive back to Kathmandu.
    Strenuous : Strenuous
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