Charity Challenge

As a leading Trekking Agency operating for more than a decade and half, we, at Adventure Thirdpole Treks, feel that a portion of the profit we generate from our activities should also go towards helping the needy.

We feel that despite the numerous organizations which have sprung up in the last few years in Nepal with objectives of addressing the cause of rural poverty, education, environment, health and unemployment, there still lacks an effective mechanism working to address the grievances of the disables.
They are often neglected and their voices are not heard of. They are looked down on by the society and rejected by the family. Living the life in complete dejection, they have nowhere to go and no one to turn to for help. We often forget to appreciate the fact that disables are also a part of our society, as human beings they are also entitled to live a life of dignity. They also posses certain skills which if used can benefit the whole community. Disables can also contribute to the development of our society in many ways.

In order to support the cause of the disabled people in Nepal, we, the Adventure Thirdpole Treks have agreed to extend our support to the Himalayan Charity (HIMCHA), a Kathmandu based non profit charitable organization which concentrates its activities on supporting the cause of disabled people.

If you want to help the cause of disables in Nepal and the work of the HIMCHA, Adventure Thirdpole Treks can organize a Charity Challenge for you. This event consists in activities where disable people (Mega Fun) as well as non-disable people (Charity Fun) take part.
This could be an opportunity to combine a meaningful adventure travel with a charity event. Moreover, the travel package covers automatically the Charity Challenge, there are no extra costs involved. The Thirdpole Charity Challenge is a unique occasion for a life changing experience for the participants as well as for the people helped by the event.


• To help developing the potentials of disables in Nepal leading them to independency.
• To help the families of the disables to find them jobs opportunities through the organization of technical and vocational trainings.
• To help the disabled to establish national and international networks in order to exchange skills and knowledge.

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