Upper Mustang trek an amazing experience : The Moon on the Earth

30 December, 2018
Jaya N Bhandari

The journeys take  you to the  unknown destination and only you know where you are after getting there and you will know the  reality and mysterious of journey in life.There  are few places you feel amazing during your journey . upper mustang is one of those wonderful few places where you get mysterious reality of the beautiful Earth.
Long  ago  I just packed off my  back pack for  the mustang trekking with  two french seeking journey  to wonderful( The  Land of Loba  )Lomanthang  and upper mustang. journeys started from Kathmandu on bus  to Pokhara.  we were four all together Bayeux, Jean, Adarsha and I.  we were supposed to fly in to Jomsom  but we had  to go by bus due to  bad weather  condition.

finally  we took   car but it was ruined again we  took another taxi to Beni and took  local jeep to  Rupse Chhahara where  the deepest gorge  in the world is offered  by Kaligandaki  gorge. some how night was OK.  next morning  reach to Ghasa. from Ghasa  we took  another local bus  to Jomsom . after that our journey came in to the tone  or started  the original  path for our two weeks journey. our  journey  was along the  trans Himalayan zone or   Tibeto -Neplese society  and village. where the paramount and summer winter transformation

along the Kaligandaki and  Thak khola trade zone as well as some low land of Nepal.  that day  we stayed overnight in  Asia inn Kagbeni

Kagbeni :  Kagbeni is a ancient town still its ancientness is existing but the modern  development though  of people  is helping to disappeared  soon  within some years, they wont be erected with  the status  of ancient properties  and  prestige of Society. but it will  carry the prospects of Sakyapa   a doctrine of Buddhism, enrich  in local custom and  culture.  if you visit there you can see more than I wrote here.

we had to go next day in Tsele so checked in upper mustang my submitting the  permission  permit in check point. we just start shuffling our  steps on  dry and desert landscape.   it was amazing   strong wind which was helping us to go head.

reached  to  Tsele  and  took  accommodation in Bishal lodge.   like wise  we headed to  samar ,Bhenapass syngbochen, Ghami and Dhakmar., Dhakmar was so beautiful place even we had very nice views  from those places I mentioned. we had had lunch at Nephew of  Former  mustang king Jingme Prawal Bista in Ghami.  next day we headed to  Lomanthang via Ghargumba (loghayakar Monastery ) . Loghyakar  gumba is only one Ningmapa  sect (doctrine )in upper Mustang or Loba  zone. after loghyakar  we  passed the 4185 m  and reached to Lo-manthang  by enjoying the barren landscapes

Lomanthang :

The walled medieval capital of Upper Mustang has a name Lo Manthang. Venturing through the town entryway into the capital offers a vista of tight rear ways, long dividers of delightful petition wheels. What’s more, groups of cultivating creatures in the ‘Lost Kingdom’ is a stunning incredible sight.

The engineering luxury in Lo Manthang shows the four-story regal castle. What’s more, the delightful religious communities like the Thugchen Gompa worked in the fifteenth century. Or on the other hand, the city divider itself. . the Architect over the monastery were so gorgeous  because in barren land structure were made by giant wooden logs .  after  exploring  Lo-manthang we visited to Namgyal monastery and  villages on beside. that moment also we visited  to private school . we enjoyed a lot  there  and especially Bayeux did. jean  was giving the company to see birds around the barren zone. after exploring  Lomanthang and around we went Lurigumba  we had to  go via Lurigumba , Tange   and  Chhusang  and Muktinath . so our  steps  headed to Luri gumba . during that  moment we met a group led by khadka. some time we led  trip some time we waited  for rest. during the journey so many feeling aroused like we were walking on the surface of any other planet.  we reache to Luri gumba  explore around and next day we headed to Tange  on the eway  to Tange spontaneously Bea  said Jaya!” I am feeling walking on  the moon” she added  . “The moon  on the Earth ” in literature. my mind was glorying  as we were walking on the surface of moon,there was just amazing landscape views and feelings were just in illusion of journeys along  the different universe, just fabulous.whole trip was hypnotizing till to Muktinath even we had to walk a long and hard trail. it was just like journeys before reaching in paradise.  some time with semi spiritual mood and   some time fully spiritual mood  we just walk to Jomsom and fly back to Pokhara and  came to kathmandu. The harmonious journey of paradise was ended.

Courtesy from : blog of Jaya 


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