Dolpo Region

First explored by Tony Hegan in 1952, a remote region in north-western Nepal bordering on Tibet, home to some of the highest villages on Earth, Dolpo Region is considered to be the most remote place of Nepal. 90 percent of the regions lie above 3,500 meters is a unique example of the human civilization in such a high altitude, 90 percent of population lives below poverty line, literacy level is insignificant and health care is almost nonexistent. Agriculture production is insufficient. Animals such yaks, goats and horses play an economically vital role in the lives of Dolpo. Due to really cold winter, scarcity of pasture land and heavy snowfall take heavy toll of animals every year. Abundance of the Himalayan peaks, hidden lands, the village and rural communities, this Trans-Himalayan region is quit peaceful and full of curiosity. The biggest national park of Shey Phoksundo spread in an area of 3555 SQ KM is the home of the blue sheep, musk deer, goral, thar, and very dangerous snow leopards and many other alpine flora and fauna exist in abundance. Phoksundo, the deepest lake in the world, which is spread in an area of 200 SQ KM, surrounded by rocky cliffs and its turquoise fresh water can touch the very depth of human heart wandering in search of peace and tranquility. Such natural phenomena of this region are not a story full of exaggeration rather a reality based on a meditative perception. Watching the ancient monasteries of this region that you encounter on the way and the semi-nomadic life style of the populace based on agriculture and animal husbandry, you can develop perhaps another conviction and interpretation of life and its reality linked with the extremity of the nature in you.
Dolpo is a high altitude region in the north-western part of Nepal bordered in north by the Tibet.In Dolpo, the big park of Shey Phoksundo spread in an area of 3555 kms² is the one of which this region is very proud. In this National Park, the blue sheep, the musk deer, the ghoral, the snow leopard and many other alpine flora and fauna exist in abundance. You can visit to different places like Lower Dolpo Trekking and Upper Dolpo Trekking. 

Dolpo Region is famous because it has been the filming site of the Oscar nominated movie CARAVAN and is also the home town of its hero, Thinle.


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