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  • Lal Kumari MAHAT
    Lal Kumari MAHAT

    Administration & Corporation

    Lalu is the Chairperson of the agency. She started the business of Thirdpole Treks with her husband in 1992.

    She is also a Nepali language teacher, so that she could not attend day to day work in the company. Usually, she is busy with expatriates in Nepal.

    Finally, Lalu is a cultural guide and able to make you visit most of the places in Nepal.

  • Deepak MAHAT
    Deepak MAHAT
    Managing Director

    Marketing & Promotion

    Deepak started to run Adventure Thirdpole Treks in 1992 and is for that one of the most experienced entrepreneurs in Nepal.

    Very involved in the trekking sector in Nepal, he led the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) for two years.

    Deepak is also teaching at the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) as an instructor since 1998.

  • Rajendra Man DANGOL
    Rajendra Man DANGOL
    Executive Director

    Sales & Operation

    Raj started to work in the Hotel Sector where he met Deepak in 1993 and decided to be involved in Thirdpole Treks.

    He is handling most of the corresponding and look after most of the field operation in the company.

    Raj speaks English and French

  • Anuj MAHAT
    Anuj MAHAT
    Marketing Office/Team Leader

    Incharge of European  and American market

    He is in-charge of the European and American Market and deals with American and European agencies and customers. On the top of that,he is managing the English websites of Thirdpole as a content writer and photographer.

    Anuj is also leading English speaking guests in the field for cultural tours as well as treks.

  • Jaya N. BHANDARI
    Jaya N. BHANDARI
    Trekking Guide

    in charge of City Tour, Bird Watching and Yoga Program
    in charge of Bhutan, Sikkim, Darjeeling and Ladakh Areas

    Jaya works for Thirdpole Treks since a long time. He started in 1993 as a porter and became trekking guide one year later.

    Jaya is a yoga teacher after completed his training in 2002.

    Since 2004, Jaya is able to lead you for a birdwatching hike.

    Finally Jaya speaks English and he is learning French language.

  • Somber TAMANG
    Somber TAMANG
    Guide de Trekking

    in charge of Everest and Makalu Regions

    Som works for Adventure Thirdpole Treks since 1995.

    He speaks English.

  • Dendi SHERPA
    Dendi SHERPA
    Climbing Guide

    in charge of Trekking Peaks

    Dendi is the climbing guide of Adventure Thirdpole Treks. He is the leader of all trekking peaks expeditions.

    He speaks English.

  • Lal Bahadur TAMANG
    Lal Bahadur TAMANG

    in charge of Tibet and Kailash

    Lal worked as an assistant in trekking from the establishment of the company in 1992. In 1995, he was promoted to trekking guide. Then he became Sirdar (leader) in 1997 and climbing guide in 2000.

  • Bharat Mahila
    Bharat Mahila

    Everyone knows Bharat as Mahila. He started to work at Thirdpole Treks in 1993 as an assitant. In 1996 he became porter and since that time he is doing the same job.

    Mahila speaks a funny English.

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