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Nuwakot a tiny historic hill town within the Nuwakot district of Nepal and is the in the heart of the nation. It was once on a major trade route to Tibet, it has since become one of the most thriving commercial hubs of Nepal, and was by many regarded as the Western gateway to the Kathmandu valley.

Though small in size, its strategic significance for the unification of fragmented princely states into the single, modern-day Nepal has been hugelyimportant. In fact, it was from here that late Prithivi Narayan Shah of Gorkha and the founder of Nepalactually begun their negotiations. Realizing its strategic and economic significance, King Prithivi Narayan Shah made this on many occasions his settlement from which he did his negotiation campaigns. After this quest, Nuwakot eventually became the capital until the title moved to Kathmanduin 1768.

Heritage sites
Seven Story Palace

Built in 1762 AD named ''DurgaRatna" from the text stuck on its entrance gate. However, it has eventually been renamed and become famous as the Seven Story Palace. Strategically placed and impressively built, this palace is of extreme historical importance and is still regarded as a model of architecture. With 5 feet thick walls and towering seven stories above the streets, the palace was built to withstand the strongest of forces. King Prithvi Narayan Shah used this fortress to plan and organize his unification campaign from. A testimony to its historical significance is that it was in this palace that King Rana Bahadur Shah welcomed the British representative Mr. William Kirkpatrick, in 1793, just after the war between Nepal and China. In addition, here, in 1816 AD, King Gribanyoddha received a letter of credential from Mr E. Gardner, the first representative of the UK to visit Nepal.

Rangamahal (The palace of Malla King)
Since Nuwakot was jointly ruled by the Malla kings of the Kathmandu valley,Rangamahal was built for the purpose of a pleasurable spot for the three kings of the valley. Situated just east of the Seven Story Palace, Rangamahal is made of beautiful oily bricks with fine wooden carvings.


This four story palace is known as Garadghar. It is situated facing the Seven Story palace and is believed that the King Prithivi Narayan Shah built itin 1762 as a Tilingaghar( Store of weapens). Featuring a unique Nepalese architect of Pagodastyle, it stands majestically in the town and remains at the centre of attractionfor the visitors.

We drive you to Nuwakot after breakfast in the hotel in Kathmandu. After doing an excursion in Nuwakot, including the Malika hill, we return to Kathmandu having Nepali typical lunch in Parvati's Homestay.

Tour Fact

Name of the Tour Nuwakot Tour
Distance 80 km north west  of Kathmandu
Activities Cultural Sightseeing of Heritage Sites, Photography, Little hike with village tour
Trip starts 7  AM
Duration 3- 5 hours
Season Round the year
Pick up Point The hotel you stay in KTM
Group Size 1 - 15 pax +
Type of the tour Private
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  • Private vehicle with AC
  • Driver
  • Tour Guide


  • Entrance Fees
  • Lunch
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