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Name of the Hike Namo Buddha to Panauti Hike
Distance of Starting Point 38 km east of Kathmandu
Activities Cultural Sightseeing of Heritage Sites, Mountains, Photography, Trip starts at 7 AM (from KTM)
Duration of hike 3 hours
Season Year round
Pick up Point The hotel you stay in KTM
Group Size 1 - 15 pax +
Type of the tour Private

Situated at an altitude of 1750m/5700ft, Namo Buddha hill has a beautiful Monastery named Thrangu Tashi Yangtse and is the main attraction of this trip. It was officially opened for visitors in 2008. It is one of the attractive tourist destinations as the visitors can observe the mountain ranges of northern Nepal and breathing in the fresh mountain air from here. There are three major Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the Kathmandu valley and Namo Buddha is one of them. The main festivals take place in Kartik Purnima and Buddha Jayanti.

According to an old legend from 6,000 years ago, prince (Mahasatwo/Ngingdui Tshenpo), stood on top of the hill, looking the jungle and discovered a tigress lying near the rock. Very quickly, he realizes that the tigress was about to die due to hunger with her five little babies still sucking milk from her. Mahasatwo, decides to give his life to the tigress in a bust of love and compassion. So Prince Mahasatwo cuts his body to feed the mother tiger with his warm blood. As the tigress accepts the sacrifice from prince she leaves only the bones.The bones of the prince were brought back into the village and buried in the tomb, which is an actual stupa of Namo Buddha. Some 3500 years later, the Gautam Buddha came in the village of Sange da Fyafulsa. He conducted 3 tours around the Stupa before he declared that he was the reincarnation of prince Mahasatwo. It was at that moment that Gautam Buddha renamed this village which is henceforth known as Namo Buddha, which means Homage to Buddha.

We drive you early in the morning to Namo Buddha where you will stay for half an hour and then trek to Panauti for two hours. You will walk through the villages and paddy fields and experience the genuine culture from Kathmandu’s inhabitants. You will then do some sightseeing of heritage sites in Panauti.

Panauti, a small historical town is aninteresting destination for private day tours. It was originally a small state given by King Bhupatindra Malla as a gift to his sister. It is known as a Newari town and is located near Roshi khola & Punyamata Khola. The town has a few prominent icons, such as the Indreswor temple and Durbar square, found in the town centre. At the end of the 13th Century, Panauti was finally integrated into the unified kingdom of Nepal, along with Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur, which are all former capital cities of the Kathmandu valley. Panauti consists of a variety of Buddhist and Hindu religious monuments and is considered to be one of the area’s most important medieval sites.

After the sightseeing in Panauti, you will drive back to the hotel in Kathmandu.

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  • Private vehicle with AC
  • Driver
  • Tour Guide


  • Entrance Fees
  • Lunch
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