Situated in between the two vast nations China and India, Nepal is a small, landlocked country. Nepal is famous for the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest (8,848meters) and  Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Nepal offers amazing and diverse holiday opportunities. With its rich ancient culture and the Himalayas as a backdrop, it is known as the ideal destination to visit for wide range of activities. Nepal is rich for its natural beauty, bio-diversity, cultures and traditions, art and architectures. Many tourists visit to climb the amazing Himalayas, to trek across beautiful landscapes, and to visit famous temples and holy sites.  

Interestings in Nepal

    1. There are 6500 known species of trees, shrubs and wild-flowers,
    2. Out of the total 14 peaks in the world with the altitude exceeding 8,000 meters, 8 of them including Mount Everest (8,850 meters) the highest peak are,
    3. Lumbini the birth place of Gautam Buddha lies,
    4. Home to 2% of all flowering plants in the world, 8% (848 species) of the total birds in the world, 4% of mammals on earth, 11 of 15 butterfly families found in the world (500 species), 600 indigenous plant families and 319 exotic species of orchids,
    5. Holds the pride of being one of the handful countries in the world which has always maintained independent sovereignty, free from being the colony of any other nation,
    6. Nepalese hospitality is best known in the world for the smiling faces, warm greetings and honesty,
    7. The deepest gorge in the world, Dana with the depth of 1400 meters also lies,
    8. The excitement of diving on the highest bungee jump in the world can also be enjoyed here,
    9. Kathmandu valley only has seven world heritages within the distance of only 20 kilometers,
    10. Tilijo Lake in Manang district is the lake situated at the highest elevation in the world.

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